Thursday, January 8, 2009

[Insert Sigh Of Relief]

This past weekend I stuffed that (intermidable) orange scarf, that I have been working on forever, in my pocketbook to tote around while we ran can crank out at least a few rows while driving to the grocery store. Well, not while driving, obviously...while one's husband drives.

And then last night I realized it wasn't in my wasn't in my wasn't by my computer or knitting chair....I began to think that perhaps I had taken it out of my pocketbook at some point during the weekend and put it down on a counter in some store and then left it. Which would have upset me a little about the loss of the scarf and yarn...and a little more about the loss of the pattern card. And a whole lot about the loss of the yummy Options needles I am working the scarf on. I love those needles.

In fact, I won a blog contest a while ago and got a Knitpicks gift certificate. I think I may just gift myself with some more of those nice needles.

And speaking of contests....! I have (through my own stupidity) a wonderful prize for a contest! I just have to think about what sort of contest I can have. Stay tuned. The brain is percolating!

1 comment:

keepin' us in suspenders said...

The type of contest you're gonna have is who can finish your story the best way? (If I weren't your cousin, you'd swear I was your sister from my attitude.....) Did you find the scarf? The orange LACE-Y scarf?