Friday, February 6, 2009

Whew, What A Week

What with the economic stimulus package and the children’s health insurance bills, and another bill about which we have serious privacy concerns, all hitting the ground running this week, we have been very, very busy at work. I’ve been going home and barely managing to get my chores and stuff done and then collapsing into a small puddle of tired.

And Rachel is working on her transfer application to Hampshire and we are trying to help where we can. (I’m sure she doesn’t feel as though we are helping…and, truth be told, I have been somewhat reluctant about this transfer. I mean, I know the “having her away from home” feeling is the same wherever she is…I mean, she’s not home. But somehow having her 7 hours away seems a lot more “away from home” than having her in Fredericksburg. And what if she ends up loving Massachusetts and settling there? Wah. (Mr. Pointy Sticks says that a couple of Massachusetts winters will cure her of any love of the state.))

But at least she is also considering looking at Haverford.

And I do have to admit the Hampshire menu that is posted looks pretty amazing.

I was chugging along on my sock last night, trying to get to the point where I would want to bind off the cuff, as that is what we’ll be doing in class tomorrow, when – zooop – one of the ends fell off the needle again. (I think I mentioned that this happened in class the first week.) So I guess I’d have to give these Kollage needles a negative review. It’s a pity, because I really like the needle part. Guess it’s back to Addis.

I’ve made a little something for the class…I can’t say yet what I’ve made because I know Nancy (the instructor) reads my blog occasionally. (Hi, Nancy!) But I’ll take pictures and post ‘em tomorrow evening probably.


Li_B said...

My middle child is about to leave on a six month backpacking trip to another continent. She's going alone. Mom is starting to panic. I'd take seven hours ;-)

Rooie said...

It's all perspective, isn't it? But yeah...a whole 'nother continent makes Massachusetts seem eminently reasonable.