Friday, February 27, 2009

Preparing For A Trip

So, I've been pondering for a while what knitting project(s) to take with me on this trip North. And the night before last I pulled out some of that Regia sock yarn designed by Kaffe Fasset. Such pretty colors. And last night I started a pair of socks out of it. (I read on Ravelry that the TSA is much more likely to let your knitting needles on the plane if there is knitting on them already. Though there really shouldn't be any problem -- the TSA pages say knitting needles are allowed. But I'm taking a self-addressed, stamped envelope with me, you betcha.)

I do love this toe-up sock pattern. You do this fun sort of cast on and increase-increase-increase for a little bit and, shazam, before you know it you have a hat for a hamster! Or a nose-cozy! Or, you know, the toe of a sock.

So that's one project. And really? We're only going to be away for a couple of days. I'm sure that one project would be enough. Especially considering that we'll possibly be visiting Webs. But I bet I take something else.

I could take the never-ending orange scarf. (I'm a little sick of orange now. But a woman in the office says that her mom loves orange. So I may be giving this to her and she can gift her mom with it.) I did see a nice hat pattern but I don't have the right sized needles for it. (Gasp. Amazement.)

I could take the pink heart socks that I've sort of put aside for some time but then I'd have to schlep along the book they're out of. (Sorry, ML. I will get back to them, I promise.)

I printed off a couple nice sock patterns from Ravelry...maybe I'll take one of them and some more sock yarn. But I only have one set of size 1 Addis, so until I finish the sock I just started...I couldn't start another one.

I could take along the yarn that I've been using to play around with the linen stitch. I have a rough idea for a cowl thumping around in my head...I could play with that some more.

Ah, decisions, decisions.

And I haven't even begun thinking about what books to take!!

Perhaps this evening I'll get a picture of the new sock on here. Perhaps. More likely I'll be blithering about what to take with me.

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ml said...

If all goes well, I'll still be in the possession of feet and ankles next Christmas, so take your time...have a good trip...