Saturday, February 7, 2009

So Long, Saturday!

I had my last to-up sock class today. It was a really fun class and I liked the women in it. I made them each a set of stitch-markers.

I made them to match their socks, more or less, and the grey button pearl ones were for Nancy, because she was a pearl of a teacher.

So, here was my sock at the beginning of class, waiting patiently for me to apply the sewn cast-off. Which was fun.

And here it is all finished up. Man, do my feet look huge, or what?

Everyone wanted me to try it on, so here's a modeled shot. One down and one to go.

And after three tries, I got the second one launched. It looks sort of like a tongue cozy in this shot. (Bleah...there's a gross idea.)

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