Saturday, August 9, 2008

Welcome, Josphine Claire!

My never-met, internet-only friend who writes at Ackery has a new baby girl. Josephine Claire is a thing of beauty, like the other two little Ackery-ettes. I missed meeting up with Ackery as she visited Charlottesville not long after my mom died. Anyway, there's someone new in the world to knit for, and read stories to, and to cuddle and to collect funny stories about...and that's a good thing. Congratulations, Ackery family!

Ah...nothing like a steaming mug of yarn with which to toast a friend.

If I look a little crazed here it's because I'm holding a mug and trying to get it focussed, trying to smile nicely, trying to look at the camera, trying to hide most of my chins and, at the same time, trying to get my mouse to the right spot to click to take a picture. It's all very exhausting.

Anyway, this is the Loopy Ewe second anniversay present. The yarn is HandMaiden, merino and cashmere and nylon, in scarlet, black and grey. And the mug is a lovely shade of blue, with the Loopy Ewe, in her snappy red socks right there on the front. I also got a Loopy Ewe pin and two temporary tattoos. So cool. Happy Anniversary, Loopy!

There are just all sorts of things to celebrate. I hope you have something to celebrate this weekend too. If only that it's the weekend!

We had a busy day today...went to the mall (always a tiring experience), went to a couple of bookstores to get Rachel school books for the coming semester (She is exceedingly indignant that we had to pay good money for a Harry Potter book...she doesn't think much of the books. We own them all so one would think she might not have to buy them...but the first three volumes we have are all first editions and are signed by Rowling--she saw her when she was visiting Baltimore. So I don't want those going off to school.) And what else did we do? Went grocery shopping to the tune of $250. Yeouch. But when we got home Rachel made really, really good lasagna for dinner. It was yummy. And we got a chicken and all the accouterments for a good roast chicken dinner tomorrow.

And Rachel's been repacking stuff and getting it organized for school...we take her back on the weekend of the 25th. Waily, waily. I'll be sorry to see her go. But she can't wait to get back there.

So we're all pretty tired and she's, deservedly, the most tired I think. We'll be sleeping well tonight.

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Cyn said...

That yarn looks all kinds of yummy!

Mmm... mug o' yarn.