Friday, August 29, 2008

That Old Rachel 2

A month or so before Rachel's second birthday she and I were watching Sesame Street one morning. For the first few minutes of the show the transmission was screwed up and the colors were all kids running on purple sky.... And then there was a close-up of a little boy and he was all blue. "Look!" I said, "that kid's all blue! Why do you supposed he's blue?"

And Rachel looked at me and said, "Because he's a boy!"

Poor dumb mother.


Carrie K said...

Well honestly, you needed a two year old to point that out? lol.

I wish it was raining here but at least it's not hot. How's the clown sock coming along? Is it love yet?

Rooie said...

Oh, I have a little something to write about the clown sock...but it'll be tomorrow.