Thursday, August 28, 2008

Some Things Are Working Out

Our new Pella window is in...the one with the blinds in it. It's so spiffy. It's so neat. And the medicine cabinet is in and the light fixture. And the exhaust fan. There are still some little fixes that need to be made...there's some paint touch-up and some paint clean up. We need a hot air vent cover.

And the toilet paper holder was put on the wrong way, even though I left a stickie on the wall with a note and a big arrow pointing in the direction I wanted it to point. (It is similar to this one...with no annoying springy thing.) The worker fastened it to the wall with the opening open toward the toilet which means when you're sitting there and pull on the paper it tries to slide right off the holder. So now I have to decide if I want to fuss about that. I hate fussing about things. But I think I am.

We've come to an agreement with the contractor about the shower door. We will eat one third of the cost, he'll eat two-thirds and he can take the door away and use it elsewhere. Or sell it. He was actually okay about it. I don't think he was particularly happy, but he said his goal is to have a happy customer...that's the only thing that matters. Frankly, I don't think we should have to pay anything...but we will. I did tell him that I thought he had dropped the ball a little.

So...onward and upward.

I love my window.

Oh, in sock's surprising how quickly a sock can grow when it's all stockinette. To wit:

Have I mentioned that I love my window?

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Kaethe said...

I love the idea of your window. I hate dust.