Sunday, August 10, 2008

Interweave Knits, Fall 2008

I know. I'm awfully late discussing this issue. Most people start talking about it as soon as the preview is up on the Interweave site. But I've decided that I really don't like looking at the preview....that is, I like doing it...but I hate the way it takes all the thrill out of getting the magazine.

Anyway, this is a nice issue. There is a nice article about Kate Gilbert, a sort of silly article (to me) about "rediscovering" wool. I didn't think I had ever lost it. The article has little mini-reviews of six wool yarns with four different construction techniques -- single ply, double ply, 3 ply, and cabled. I thought the article was sort of a waste of two pages...I didn't learn anything from it, really. There is an article about Cowichan sweaters, which may be wonderful. I didn't read it because I find the sweaters really unappealing. There's a good technical article on invisible cast-ons...though more and more I think that on-line videos are the way to teach this sort of thing. But then maybe that's just because I'm a visual learner.

As for the patterns...there are some really nice ones....the Dumpling Bags are just cute as buttons. The Bacchus Socks and Knotty or Knice Socks are both stunning. I love the Braided Pullover. The Big Knits sort of lost me...I'm big enough, I don't need to emphasize it with giant knit stitches. But I really like the Neapolitan cardigan and the Backstage Tweed Jacket, though I think I wouldn't bother with fastenings, as they seem to be gapping a good bit.

I even visited the website for the Seasocks cruise. (The ad is on page 95.) Hey! It leaves from and comes back to Baltimore. How much more convenient could you get? And it visits Halifax. Hmmm...I wonder if I could get Mr. Pointy Sticks on a boat?

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