Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Put Me On A Pedestal (Sink)

Came home today to find the plumber busy working in the bathroom, finishing up the installation of the brand spanking new pedestal sink. He had also put in the shower fixtures. And the new toilet was sitting in the living room, awaiting installation. Which gave me pause. Because it was an Eljer toilet and I could have sworn that we were getting a Toto toilet. And, in looking more closely at the box, I realized that it was an elongated bowl model...and I want a round bowl. So I told the plumber to hold off and I called Jeff.

He said that we had talked about the fact that the Toto toilet tanks were too wide and we had decided on the Eljer. (I have no memory of this at all. Mr. Pointy Sticks has no memory of this. Rachel says, "You never mentioned that on your blog. And you mention everything on your blog.") But he did allow as how I had said I wanted a round bowl. So the plumber and I talked for a while (nice guy) and he said he'd check and see if he could find a model with a narrower tank. And he called later to say he had found a Gerber (It's the Gerber Avalanche, the next step up from the Gerber Viper. I mean, really! Would you want to know that your toilet was a viper?!) So we should get that tomorrow. Yay!

Of course, we're still waiting on the Pella window. And on the shower doors, which may not have even been ordered from the manufacturer yet. (The dealer here waits until they have six orders and then puts them all in at once. Great.) So it's going to be some time until we have a fully functional bathroom. But we should have a partially function bathroom not too long from now.

And the sock? I'm chugging along. Have a couple inches of leg done. Beth should get them by the time the cold weather comes. Of course, that'll be sooner for her than it is for me, as she's considerably farther North.

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