Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Readerville Redux

A couple of months ago (has it really been that long?) I wrote about Readerville’s anniversary. Anyone who knows me at all knows I’ve been a big fan of Readerville pretty much since day one. It’s a great site on which to find a bunch of funny, bright, bookish, chatty people. And the proprietor, Karen Templer is not only all that, she also has the patience of a saint to wrangle all the personalities on the site.

If you like books at all, or want a recommendation of a book to read on a particular subject, or want to talk about how the latest Batman movie messed with the established comic book backstory, or want to share a great recipe from a cookbook you just got, or just want to crow because you finally finished Ulysses….well, there will be a ready ear at Readerville. (I’m trying to keep this all so book oriented because that is what the site is about and what Karen wants it known for…but occasionally conversations on other subjects get in…like how cute Wall*E was, or how our kids are doing, or how pretty our garden looks right now. I mean, we’re only human!)

So, now Readerville has a new site. It’s on a new platform and dues are a thing of the past. All these smarts, all this fun…for FREE!

But the best thing…the thing I love like a bright shiny bauble…is something that wasn’t on the old Readerville. It’s called Note:Books. And it’s a way to keep track of the books you read…when you started, when you finished, what you thought about them…and to watch what others read (if they choose to make it public…one can keep one's reading tastes private if one so desires…no one has to know you read Good Night Moon every night before bed)…you can follow a particular book (What is everyone saying about the latest Captain Underpants??). It’s such a cool little application. It's been in beta, but Karen told me I could talk about it here so I'm thinking it's going to be open to all pretty soon, if it isn't already.

So really…if you like books. If you just want to get a recommendation for a good read. If you want to crow about getting a knitting pattern published…or just knit up! If you want to know when John Harwood’s book will be coming out in the US. If you want to start a no-pain, bright and shiny reading journal. Come check out Readerville. You’ll find me there.


Kaethe said...

OMG!!! Squee!!! So that's what Note:Books is!!! I'm so excited I could burst, because LibraryThing has it's advantages, but it's not quite working out for me, and I don't want to have to get to know a whole new community.


Rooie said...

Kaethe, just ask Karen. She'll set you up.