Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Woooof...I Am, Once Again, Stuffed With Turkey

Rachel wanted to try this nifty How-To-Dismember-A-Turkey trick again so we roasted a turkey today. It turned out nice and moist and now we are all sitting around groaning slightly.

The neck-warmer is coming along nicely. I have...um...19 or 20 rows left to knit. I think I could get two neck-warmers out of the yarn I bought. You know, in case I need two matching neck-warmers. I suppose if one of my friends or relatives tackled me when they saw me wearing mine and pled hard enough, I would knit another one up for her. (Frankly, I can't imagine any male relative wanting one.) Or, hey, I could make myself some mitts perhaps. No, I think that would look dopey.

I have discovered that I seem to have three (count them, three!) copies of Alice Starmore's The Celtic Collection. (Figures that I would have multiples of one that isn't going for much money.) Anyone, if anyone would like the paperback copy I have (the other two are hardback...one American, one English), email me and let me know. I'll send it to the first person who gets an email to me.

Back to work tomorrow after my four-day weekend. Life is hard.


Kitt said...

I'm enjoying a couple of extra days off, too! I can't believe you cooked another turkey.

Rooie said...

Well...Mr. Pointy Sticks actually does the cooking. And Rachel now does the carving. I basically just scarf the crispy skin and the dark meat.