Saturday, December 20, 2008

Actual Knitting Content

Today I decided that, with or without Rachel, I was going to get up to The Black Sheep. (It turned out to be "without" as she stayed up until 5 a.m. doing stuff on-line...) I even took my camera with me so that I could take lovely pictures and entertain you with shots of the pretty shop. But once I got there, the yarn fumes got to me and the camera went completely out of my head. I did make some purchases. (Quelle surprise!)

There have been so many of the gorgeous Noro striped scarves showing up that I got antsy to make a second one (the first one I made a couple of years ago was sent to a friend) so I picked up yarn for that...Silk Garden this time, rather than Kureyon...and, ummmm, I might even have started it....

You can see the ends of the two skeins I'm using. The color numbers are 252 and 292. It's purty. And it's longer now. We sat and watched two episodes of The Last Detective (sob...only one left to watch) this evening and I knit through the whole thing and am almost half-way through the first skeins.

And I also picked up these skeins of Poems (Color numbers 473 and 585) to make another one of these scarves. These scarves really are addictive. You just can't wait to see what the next colors are and how they will look side-by-side.

When I got home from The Black Sheep, I washed and blocked Poinsettia. It's now drying.

The yarn is lovely and soft but it really does a disservice to the pattern. You can't really see the lace patterning at all. Which, actually, may be a good thing considering that there are a couple of...shall we say reinterpretations of the pattern?, just some small errors.

And I finished up the scarf I'm sending off to Janet.

It's a little darker than this in person. But it's nice and soft and no wool. Now to get it in the mail.

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