Sunday, December 14, 2008

Why One Shouldn't Knit At Midnight

I think I've already mentioned that the new winter Knitty was up last Wednesday. And, among the other stellar patterns there (I need the musk ox slippers! And really, doesn't everyone?!), was Anne Hanson's Poinsettia. And I mentioned that I found lovely soft Cadenza yarn on sale in F'burg.

So I've been knitting away on this and was working late last night and could not, for the life of me, get this one row to work out. I kept coming up with an extra stitch. I counted and re-counted...worked my way around the row three or four times, checking each stitch. Still came out with an extra stitch. This was depressing. I had already fudged an error like this in the beginning (my error, I hasten to add, not Anne's) was right at the beginning of the round which I consider the back of the piece, and would be hidden by hair. And honestly, I can't even see where it was. But man, a second mistake. And I contemplated ripping out several rows...and I contemplated ripping it out altogether and starting over...but I finally decided it was late, I'd sleep on it.

And this morning? There was no extra stitch. The row finished up perfectly. So I am very glad I didn't rip out.

However, I do recognize that this yarn wasn't the best choice. I love the yarn and I love the colors. But a less variagated yarn would sure show the pattern off better. After I do this one, I think I want to try one in a semi-solid or solid color. I might make one out of the Sheep Shop yarn yet.

I tried to take some photos of it....

In front of the computer. Boring. And, come to see, sort of blurry.

With Giz's reluctant assistance. This is the best of four tries.

Duncan slept through the whole photo shoot, but in the end, it was the one that I took with him that was the best.

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