Friday, December 5, 2008

Nature Babies

When I was in Daedalus last weekend, I picked up this book...Nature Babies. I know, I know, I have no babies to knit for. But I thought this was an awfully cute book. There are knit patterns...hats, sweaters, I think a blanket. (The book isn't available to me as I am writing this. I may have to update this later.) There is also a section on felted the hat on the cover. Makes me want to felt.

But the best section is in the back...there are some patterns for the most adorable dolls. Little softly stuffed, simple, sleepy dolls for infants...some flower dolls...a wizard doll. I just discovered the other day that one of my cashmere sweaters has a couple little moth holes. I'm thinking I might just felt it and make one of these dolls...

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