Saturday, December 13, 2008

Blah, Humbug

I am so not in the Christmas spirit. Can we just cancel it this year? Mr. Pointy Sticks and I went down to the mall this morning to pick up a few things. I got them handily and we then decided to wander a bit. There are still a few little gifts I have to pick up and I'm not sure what they'll be.

At one point we went into a shop that sells overpriced teas and teapots and mugs. I picked up a few of the mugs and chose some tea. "Do you want to send this tea in an air-tight container?" said the clerk. "Sure," I said. "They're right over there," he said, pointing me to the display. I walked two steps, picked up the canister and in that time another customer stepped into my space and asked the clerk a question. He answered the man...and that was fine. But the man then asked another question. Whereupon the clerk left the counter, leaving me standing there, and started rummaging through cabinets and helping the man. So I left my stuff on the counter and walked out. I wish now I had bitten the clerk's head off before I left. Annnnnnd....Merry Christmas to you!

I mentioned that I had ordered some Claudia Handpainted from The Dizzy Sheep.

From top to bottom: Sea Dreams, Pistachio and Stormy Day

And here are some other new members of the household:

Fleece Artist in Hercules

Enchanted Knoll Farm in Sunshiney Day. (I was a little disappointed in this...the sample shown on the Loppy Ewe's website had a little more blue...this one only has a smidgen. But those are the chances you take with internet purchases.)

Creatively Dyed Calypso in the Quick Step colorway. Look at those colors! Yum.

Maybe I'll go do some knitting...


Martha G said...

I'm not really into Christmas this year, either. However, I did find this Julkalendar at Ravelry and it's been exciting to get a new block every day. I'm only on day 3 of 14, but I'm going to plug away.

Here's the link:

Rooie said...

How neat! I've bookmarked it. I hope it stays up after Christmas.

Lisa said...

We canceled Christmas this year. Nobody has any time, money, or energy to buy each other a bunch of things we don't need or want, so.