Thursday, December 4, 2008

Spare Some Change, Buddy?

Adam Rex and Brian Biggs have gotten me hooked on what I think is a great opportunity for giving.

Donors Choose allows you to donate to teachers trying to do some good in their classrooms. You can choose by level of need, by location, by type of project. You can donate a little or a lot. You can donate in honor of someone or purchase a gift card so that your giftee can choose a project. And who doesn’t like the idea of helping teachers bring something exciting into their classrooms?

My mom, as some of my readers know, was an English teacher, and while her school wasn’t (I don’t think) in what would be considered a high-poverty area, it was in rural-ish Virginia. Quite a few times Mom would spend her own money to buy sets of books for her kids. I like the idea of helping other teachers do the same.

Edit: The link for Donors Choose was broken at first...but it's all fixed now.

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Jesse Wiedinmyer said...

Link for "Donors Choose" no good. Was going to repost it in the 'ville, as there's a somewhat similar discussion in the Education thread at the moment.