Friday, December 5, 2008

I Tried

Yesterday I got all my yummies from Woolgirl's sale. So, so pretty. And goodies, too! And I tried to take pictures...I really did. But it was late and dark and I was taking the pictures inside and they were crap. So I'll try again this evening.

And the purple-y scarf? I'm into my third skein of yarn and it's coming along very quickly. I might even be able to get this to my friend for Christmas! I should finish it up this weekend. Even with a trip to a ceramic sale and a cookie sale. And Christmas shopping.

So...I will try to get some pictures up this evening.

Current Reading

I am reading Debra Ginsberg's The Grift, which I am enjoying immensely. It's about a young woman, Marina, who has spent her life working as a psychic since she was a child and was forced into it by her druggie mother, who used her talent to earn money for drugs. She's not psychic at all, of course, just very good at reading people and at gaining their trust. Then she moves to California and things happen and her life and her clients get out of her control...and she suddenly realizes that she can see the future...

Anyway, I'm halfway through and really like it so far.

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