Thursday, December 11, 2008

Why Isn't All This Rain Snow?

We had a very miserable drive to and from Fredericksburg today. It is cold and rainy and the traffic was terrible and, on the drive home, our wind shield wipers started acting up. Feh.

But it was also a good day because it was a very yarny day. And that's always nice.

First of all, do you all know about The Dizzy Sheep? It's like Woot for yarnoholics. Every day, one item, on sale. I missed (damn it) the day they had the Hanne Falkenberg kits. Oh well. But on Tuesday they had Claudia Handpainted on sale. And you know how I feel about Claudia Handpainted. "Lustful" is, I believe, the proper word. And I couldn't resist. So I ordered, on Tuesday afternoon, six skeins. And they were there on my front porch this afternoon! That's pretty speedy.

There was also a package from Loopy.

But...see comment above about raininess. It's dark and cloudy and dreary and not good weather for photos. So there will be photos but not today.

And then, the other yarny thing...on the way down to F'burg I finished the Ella Rae Silkience scarf (well, I have to weave in ends, but other than that it's finished). And last night, when I was finally able to get into Knitty's winter issue, I fell in love with Poinsettia, Anne Hanson's neck warmer. So I printed that pattern out and grabbed the things I thought I needed to start it on the ride. After I finished the scarf, I grabbed my needle and the pink Sheep Shop yarn with which I had started the Flower Scarf, and tried to start it. Only to discover that, in fact, I had a 24" needle with me and it was not going to work.

So I pleaded with Mr. Pointy Sticks (well, he's a nice guy...I just had to ask) and we stopped at the knitting shop in F'burg and I grabbed the needle and then....wait....what's that on the sale table?....ooooh, that's pretty! Colinette Cadenza (so soft in yummy) in the Sahara colorway...just the right gauge for the neck warmer. So I grabbed that, too, and hurried out to the car. Wound the yarn (well, the first skein) by hand and got started. I've gotten through the first eight rows. Man, is this yarn scrumptious!

Again, pictures later.

And now Rachel is home. Though she left all her laundry in her dorm room, so she may be scantily clad for the month she's home.

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