Monday, December 29, 2008

I've Been Remiss...

But not as remiss as I thought I was. I was thinking it had been an awfully long time since I did any "Current Reading" updates but it hasn't been that long. So without further ado...

Current Reading

I got for Christmas, and read in two days, The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher, about a murder in 1860's England and the detective (which was a whole new concept at the time) who worked on the case. The book had a little bit of the "Look how much research I did!" about it, but was still pretty interesting.

Then I read The Darkness and the Deep, a mystery set in Scotland, written by Aline Templeton. You have to love a detective inspector who is known as Big Marge. The solution of the crime came a little out of left-field but I would look for more books by this author.

And this morning I finished Kate Maloy's Every Last Cuckoo. This is the story of 75-year old Sarah, who is widowed and fills her house with various foundlings and people in need of a home. It was okay. I didn't like the structure of the beginning which started with the accident that costs her husband his life...and chapters about the accident are interspersed with chapters about things going on before the accident. And it just sort of made me impatient.

And now I'm into P.D. James' latest, The Private Patient.

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