Thursday, June 5, 2008

When It Rains...

(Sigh...I had this post about half-done when I did something stupid and erased it all. Let's try again, shall we?)

So...I like to come home to find little presents on my porch. Even if those little presents are ones that I bought myself. Call me self-indulgent. This last batch of little presents weren't planned too well, as they both showed up today. (Well, actually I also got the fifth season of Law & Order yesterday, which was good as I was feeling withdrawal symptoms. But I'm talking about pretty yarny presents here. Law & Order was really a present for me and Mr. Pointy Sticks. And by the by, the fifth season was the first season in which Sam Waterson shows up. My, he looks young. And cute.)

So what did I get today?

From The Loopy Ewe -

A skein of Aracaunia's Ranco Multi in a color that the folks at The Loopy Ewe call Pewter (the poetic folks at Araucania call it color 315). I'm showing the front and back of the skein. I just love these smooshy blends of color.

Claudia's Hand-dyed in Pink Lemonade. So summery.

Shibui in Jonquil. I've been wanting to get my hands on some Shibui and, in this skein at least, it doesn't disappoint. It's lovely and soft and squeezy.

And finally...

From KnitPicks...

Shine Sport to make the little girl's cardigan from Miss Bea's Playtime. I think I may be starting that tomorrow...I am about at the point where I need to turn the heel on my sock and I can't find Sensational Knitted Socks anywhere. Charlene, where are you?! I've been carrying it with me everywhere during the bout of rampant sock knitting, so I can't imagine where it is...hope it turns up soon because I can't remember how many stitches to start off with when I begin turning the heel. Grrr. So, unless I find Charlene this evening, tomorrow I'll play with the Shine.

My eyes are still bothering me. I bought some plain saline eye drops which I used today but we are all, in my office, still suffering from burning eyes and coughs and sore throats. People from Environmental Services came up yesterday and talked to me...I even had to visit the Health Unit to make it all official. I didn't hear anything from them today but really, this is getting absurd. It's bad enough to spend eight hours with your eyes burning and uncomfortable, but they don't bounce back very fast once I leave and things are blurry for most of the evening. Of course, I'm sure it doesn't help that my glasses broke a month or so ago and I am operating with glasses several prescriptions old. (I get to see my eye doctor on Monday. Yay!) But my eyes are fine all's just once I get into the office that they start acting up.

I'll sign off now, before I do something stupid again, and go rest my eyes.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about your eyes...that's creepy. Making you cough? Tried an anti-histamine? And, you won't be surprised to learn, I had not the s-l-i-g-h-e-s-t bit of trouble identifying Mr. McCallum...although I think that he's in a chronological draw with Mr. Harrison, isn't he?


Rooie said...

Mr. Harrison? Rex?