Friday, June 27, 2008

Um, Loopy Ewe? About This Addiction I've Developed....

I tell you , I get that message from Sheri saying that there's more new stuff in the store and I just can't help myself. This week I scored some Numma Numma yarn. I had been hearing people on Ravelry drooling over it and, man, the colors were scrumptious. I manage to get two colors in my cart and purchased before they disappeared. Could have gotten a third but I was trying to show some restraint.

The colors I got?

Tomato Chutney (the orange and yellow and red one) and Brunch for Beth. (I feel as though I should make socks for my friend Beth out of this.)

Duncan approves.


becky c. said...

The tomato chutney is almost as beautiful as Duncan.

Rooie said...

Funny...that's what Duncan said! "Why this is almost as handsome as I am!" he preened.