Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Late Post

The skies were looking like this this afternoon:

And there was thunder rumbling about, so I put off blogging.

But I had a very nice, and rather self indulgent, day. For one thing my poison ivy has pretty much completely subsided. Oh, it still looks hideous, red and blotchy, but it isn't oozing and it isn't itching. That's a big win.

Also, my new glasses came in and it's amazing how sharp everything looks! Wonderful!

Finally...well, there was yarn.

First of all, I got my most recent order from the Loopy Ewe. Which had in it:

Fiesta Boomerang in the Misty Morning colorway. I'll be interested to try this. It's sold by the Loopy Ewe as sock yarn but the label says "18 stitches to 4" on needle size 8." I'll be interested to see how this knits at a tighter gauge but I'm also wondering if it wouldn't really rather be a pair of mitts or something.

Claudia's Hand-dyed in Freesias. Click on this to see all the gorgeous colors. This one is so cheerful.

And, a real indulgence -

Perchance to Knit in Beach Party. This is another one that it would pay to enlarge. It's 25 percent cashmere and oh my god, it is so soft. And see the pretty stitch marker?

The day also included a very quick, drop in visit to the Black Sheep. It was fast but not so fast that I didn't come out with something.

Ella Rae's book 9. There are some really nice sweaters here. The Black Sheep carries Amity and the all wool yarn, but there are some sweaters here in a yarn called Pebbles that looks all soft and loopy. I hope they can special order it for me....maybe?

And I am becoming very smitten with Claudia's Hand-dyed, though I haven't yet used it. It sure feel good in the skein and the colors are gorgeous. These two came home with me:

The colorway is Oops. I love it. If it was a mistake, it was a good one!

And, in a less materialistic vein....a few years ago I planted a little pink plant by our front door. I didn't realize it would come back, but it does, every year, and every year it looks a little bigger...a little less weed-like. And it smells divine. I think I should plant a couple more.


mlw said...

I b'leeb dats a dianthus, possibly variety plumarius but also possibly not, commonly known as "pinks" (not for their colors but for their frequently "pinked" edges.) Very easy, incidentally, to grow from seed.

Rooie said...

Dianthus...that's right. I don't think I knew when I planted it...or if I knew, I forgot...that it was a perennial. Duh. Not the world's best gardener here.

mlw said...

Ah, well, one of the world's worst knitters here....

Rose said...

Pretty stuff! Just started reading "The Calling" from your list; looks good!