Thursday, June 26, 2008

Suddenly, Work Doesn't Suck!

The job switch, that I think I mentioned before and that I asked for sometime before last Christmas, has been made. I am still working in the same office but on a different program staff. I am away from the obnoxious boss who I loathed. I honestly think it was mostly pheromonal. (Well, actually a lot of people - agency-wide - don't like the guy. But I disliked him from the moment I met him, when he worked in another branch. Bleah.)

Anyway, now I work for a wonderful woman and with two other young women (one of whom is on maternity leave) and the subject area is different, and more interesting to me. I like the way my new boss works...everyone is involved in everything and kept up to speed on everything that's going on.

However, I will probably have less time for knitting at work. Not a bad thing....the day certainly goes faster when we're busy.


Kitt said...

Yay for work-not-sucking!

Kaethe said...

wOOT! That's great news.

You'll still have time to read and blog, won't you?

Anonymous said...

Good! It's always better when work is more tolerable. ^__^