Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Invalid Is Home

Poor old Gizmo had to go to the vet today for teeth cleaning... They ended up removing three of his teeth. He's got stitches and we have to dose him with antibiotics and pain meds and keep him quiet. Actually, we were told that he shouldn't climb stairs this evening so we set up the computer room so that everything he needed was there...and he hated it. Mr. Pointy Sticks let him out and he staggered upstairs and demanded food and now he's curled up on his cardboard scratching pad/throne and slowly coming round. He just wanted nothing to do with being coddled.

It was amusing, in a sick sort of way, to watch him walk around when he first came home. He would pace back and forth and then suddenly his hind-quarters would just decide to sit down. They would flop down and then you could sort of see him think, "Okay, maybe a little rest." and he'd sink down for a minute or two and then get up and start pacing again. Poor beastie.

Current Reading

Last night I started Inger Ash Wolfe's The Calling, and man, I couldn't put it down all day. It was a real thriller...very creepy. I said to someone on Readerville that I haven't been this creeped out since I read The Lodger as a young teen. The main character, Hazel Micallef, is a 61-year old Detective Inspector in a small town in Canada. She lives with her mother and fights her back pain and her loneliness, but doesn't, until this book opens, have much occasion to fight serious crime. Until one of her town's citizens is murdered...and Micallef and her small team realize that the killer has killed 15 times before...and that he isn't done yet. The killer is a big ole bag of creepy...and Hazel and her crew are all appealing and interesting.

There's a big hoo-haa about this book because Inger Ash Wolfe is a pseudonym...there's lots of speculation as to who she really is. (The main money seems to be on it being Michael Redhill.) I have to say, I don't care who he or she is...I just want more books from this pen. It's a really great read.

So there are three...no, four!...good reads in a row. My faith in books is becoming restored. Though my socks are languishing somewhat.

(Did I mention The New Yorkers before? It was a charming little book. I don't know that it is so quintessentially New York (maybe it is - I'm not a New Yorker). I could see it set in Baltimore or Chicago...any fairly large city. Anyway, it's a nice book....and sort of left me wanting a dog.)


Lisa said...

It was pretty New Yorky. Or is that... new Yorkie? Like what you get when you want a dog? Oh, never mind.

Rose said...

Going to try and Bookmooch "The Calling". I love books about strong older women.

Rose said...

Crap, it's not available; have to check out the library. Thanks for the recommendation!

Kitt said...

Aw, poor Giz. It's so hard to see the critters in a fog and not be able to explain to them that everything will be OK.

Rooie said...

This morning he was rolling about in the hall and purring madly. And then gobbled down his nice soft food. I think he's recovering nicely.

Kaethe said...

Glad he's recovering so well. I am now all kinds of eager to read The Calling.