Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Someone Wake Me Up When The Poison Ivy's Gone

Remind me, please, never to go outside again. Still with the poison ivy, still with the itching, still with the Bena........z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z, oh sorry.....dryl. I loathe Nature.

Still plugging away on the first Hedgerow sock. (Hey, maybe I can actually get a picture of it tonight! There's a concept.) But I am so proud of myself! I was chugging along down the leg and getting close to doing the heel flap (which I actually started at lunch today) and thought (without a glance at the instructions) "Oh, I think I'm going to want to shift this stitch over to the other needle so that the instep stitches are symmetrical." And I was right...the instructions actually talk about this. And then I started the heel flap and was breezing right along and just felt very confident. It's like a little switch has gotten flipped and I've internalized the Basic Ways of the Sock. Cool. And that's even with a head full of Benadryl.

And I just placed another order with the Loopy Ewe. I've ordered some Numma Numma yarn to try. It certainly comes in pretty colors. (Let's hope that, unlike the North Harbor yarn from the post a few days back, this yarn is as pretty in person as it is in its picture.)


Kitt said...

Aw man, sorry the itch isn't abating. Poison ivy sucks.

Rooie said...

It sucks, indeed.