Sunday, June 22, 2008

Well, That Was Certainly A Short Weekend

We drove down to Fredericksburg on Saturday to see one of my favorite people.

Rachel is taking a Milton seminar (better her than me, that's all I have to say) in the second summer session. She gets to stay in the same apartment, but moved from the double room into a single. She was expecting two room-mates to show up today but as of 5 p.m., no one had arrived. And 5 p.m. was the end of move-in time. So she may have the entire apartment to herself, which could be nice but could also be pretty lonely.

I got some more knitting done on the green Smooshy sock on the way down and back, but less than you might think as I am taking Benadryl for this poison ivy (which will not die) and I find that naps are just incredibly appealing. Like hey-someone-hit-me-over-the-head appealing.

We had a late lunch yesterday at the Bonefish Grill where I had melt-in-your-mouth Ahi tuna. Yum. And we laid in lots of groceries, so Rachel will be eating well, if by herself.

There's a wonderful post on Looky, Daddy today. Couldn't say it better myself.

I had lunch the other day with two old friends. One of them (let's call her Maude) is pretty conservative. I knew that, but I was sort of aghast when she made some negative comment about gay marriage. "But...but...but..." I sputtered, "How can you be against it? How can you be against people loving each other and finding the communion of marriage so important that they want to share in it?"

"Well," said Maude, "I think marriage is about procreating and there's no way that a gay couple can do that."

"Oh, okay," I said, "So I guess couples who marry and then find out that they can't have children should have their marriages annulled? And couples who decide they don't want children but do want to be married...they're just out of luck."

"Oh," said Maude, apparently giving this some thought for the first time.

"But," she said, "the Bible says that it's a sin..."

"Well, I certainly hope you're not wearing any cotton-polyester blend, 'cos the Bible doesn't like that fact, there a lot of stupid rules in the Bible. Are you following them all or just picking and choosing the ones that you like?"

Maude was silent.

I don't think I did anything to sway her. And I love her dearly. But I hate that she thinks this way.

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Rose said...

Good points all and I think that's how change gets made; one friend at a time, don't you? Hope the poison ivy is better soon!