Thursday, June 19, 2008

Resistance Is Futile

I finished up my Lorna's Laces Apple Hill socks the other day. They're yummy and I'm very pleased with them.

"There," I thought, "those are done. Now let's get going on that Miss Bea cardigan for little Alexandra!" So yesterday I came to work with that pattern and the yarn for it. And at lunchtime I pulled out my needles and yarn and cast on and knit happily away for a while and then found myself thinking.....

"What sock should I start next?"

So last night I pulled out my Dream in Color Smooshy in Go Go Grassy Green (it was extra-appealing because it had already been wound into two equal balls) and today at lunch I worked a little more on Alexandra's cardigan but had to come to a stop because I forgot to bring any stitch holders with me. But, la la, that just means I get to start a new sock! How wonderful is that. I think I'm going to be trying Jane's Hedgerow Socks. They look pretty and doable.

Photos as progress warrants...I mean, really...I haven't even cast on yet.

Edited to add:

So I cast on with my new Knitpick's Harmony needles in size 1. (The pattern calls for 1's.) Such pretty little needles. Little being the operative word. I feel as though I'm knitting with toothpicks.

And, those of you who have knit on 1's, you can tell me the truth....these socks are going to take a l-o-o-o-o-o-o-ng time, aren't they? Half an hour's work and I have about half an inch of cuff.

In other news, the woman in the cubicle next to me likes to eat pumpkin seeds...or sunflower seeds (I can't remember which). One at a time. Cracking the seeds open, cracking little bits off them. Over and over and over. It sounds like the crunching of small mammal bones and I am about ready to pick up my chair and brain her with it. I'm thinking that's completely justificable workplace violence.

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