Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"Everybody Must Get Stoned...."

We left Giz singing to himself this morning. He's on pain meds and they certainly mellow him out. Although this morning's dose went mostly on his cheeks and my hand. One of my Readerville friends asked if cats have cheeks so I am including an educational illustration:
He is the very model of a wacked-out cat.

Oh and I should give credit to Rachel, because I totally stole and then completely mangled her style of drawing cats. If she had been home, I would have had her draw the illustration and it would have been adorable.


Kaethe said...

Those aren't cheeks! Those are muzzlepuffs. But still, I love the illustration. There's something about the eyes.

kat said...

Cheeky Giz! Gotta love him.