Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I Love Tuesdays

Maureen and I went up to The Black Sheep, as promised. And I was right...we didn't stay until 7.

We stayed until about 7:10. Ooops.

The ladies there agreed with me that I probably won't have enough yarn to finish my sock. So now what? Do I go ahead and try to finish it? Do I rip it out and try to think of things I can make with all my two-skeins-worth of Claudia's yarns? Do I scream and bang my head against the wall? What to do...what to do...

I think I will probably keep going. Mostly because that way I'll know for sure. So you may hear me screaming with frustration in a day or two.

Though it's not as though I don't have other yarn to use.

And there's good news! Rachel heard from Hampshire yesterday and she's been accepted and will be transferring up there in the fall. I'm happy for her. I think she'll love it there and do well. I just wish it weren't quite so far away. Ah well. There are side benefits...it's very close to Webs and I realized the other day that one of my college friends, who I knew lived in Massachusetts but who I thought was near Boston, actually lives in Amherst. So perhaps I'll be able to reconnect with Andy.

Oy...I'm sleepy. Quick call to the kid and then I'm off to bed!


Maureen said...

It was fun!

Kaethe said...

Hope your sleep was good. Congrats to Rachel! I hope she loves it!