Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mr. Pointy Sticks!

Well, the sock is progressing but I am less and less sanguine about the outcome. I think the yarn is going to run out well before the cuff is long enough. Does this mean I'm a pessimist? But I guess I’ll keep chugging along, in hopes of a pleasant surprise. So perhaps I am an optimist? I guess if nothing else I could rip them back and rework them for someone with smaller feet than mine. Or I could also look for a coordinating color of yarn and do the heel, toe and cuff in a second color. So maybe I'm a pragmatist.

I think Maureen and I will be spending some time at The Black Sheep this evening. That should be fun. I want to show Nancy the neat gusset and heel turn from Nanner. And you never know what is going to wink at me as I enter the door.

I don’t think we’ll be staying until 7, though. I think Mr. Pointy Sticks might want to go out to dinner.

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