Monday, March 16, 2009

Am I Just Easily Irked Because It's Friday?

I was pouring out my Cheerios to take to work with me this morning (yes, I am reverting to toddlerhood...I love eating Cheerios) and had to open a new box. I noticed something labeled "Donation Code" on the inside flap and investigated further. Apparently, if you go online and enter this lengthy code, General Mills will donate $1 (count it whole dollar!) to some organization that will, I think, fund needy women's cholesterol checks. (Obviously I didn't read it all that was, after all, 6:25 in the a.m. Give me a break.)

Now, this is a noble thing to do. Way to go, General Mills. But hey...why depend on your consumers doing something? Why not just donate a million bucks, or whatever your budget can bear? You know that a lot of those boxes will be bought by people with no computers or people who won't take the time to enter the code. Are you trying to limit your pay-out? Trying to capture the personal information of the people who do bother to enter the code so that you can send them emails? What gives?

But here's an idea....

Just frigging donate the money if you think it's a good cause! Tell us about your donation on your box if you might give people something interesting to read on the back of their cereal box in the morning.

Only not me...because of that whole 6:25 a.m. deal...

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Kitt said...

Amen. I feel the same way about all the pink items that companies sell in the name of breast cancer research. Just donate the money already.