Saturday, March 14, 2009

Local Warming

I forgot to mention, when I was writing about my nice Tuesday evening at The Black Sheep, that they have a charity project going. They are selling this Universal Yarn at a discount and you sign up to make some squares for an afghan. Once all the squares are done, they'll be sewn into afghans and given to someplace local like our House of Ruth or a homeless shelter.

Joyce has chosen the colors and we just select a skein and get going. I chose a dark lime green and between Tuesday and last night I got my three squares done. A checkerboard, a garter ridge and an eyelet. Quick and fun. So when I went in today to turn my squares in I picked up a second skein of the lighter lime green and I've started a stockinette square. I'll also be doing a seed stitch square and one in moss stitch. I was thinking that I might have enough left-overs of the two colors to make a striped square just for fun. And while I was in the shop.....I may have also picked up some Austermann Step....

Look how pretty...I love the little touches of blue in with the pinks and greys. It was flirting with me as I walked in the front door.

Oh, and the socks had an outing today. Mr. Left Sock seemed to enjoy the car ride.

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