Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I Really Should Get Out My Camera...

...but I'm lazy. My second Kaffe Fasset sock is almost done. I have about 2 inches of ribbing to do in the cuff. Pictures when they're finished.

Last night was fun, fun, fun. I went up to The Black Sheep about 5:00 and hung out until they closed the doors at 7:00. I got a fair amount done on my cuff but I would have done even more if I hadn't kept jumping up to check out all the new stuff.

And I ran into someone to whom I had been proselytizing about the store. Last Saturday I had to run Rachel up the Express Care (nothing serious) and as I was sitting and working on my sock, one of the nurses came out into the waiting area. She saw me knitting and came up and asked what I was doing... And she was so much fun to talk to! She got all excited...said she had knit but not for a while and that she really ought to take a class. We talked about liking instant (or at least relatively quick) gratification in our knitting projects. We agreed that Woolworks is snooty. I told her about The Black Sheep and she said she was going to go there as soon as possible and that maybe she'd see me there.

So I walk into the shop yesterday and say hi to Tracy and some of the other regulars and I hear Joyce say something like "Is this the Sarah you meant?" And there was my Express Care friend. (Her name is Judy.) She was getting yarn for an afghan that's made square-by-square. We agreed that it would have that necessary quick gratification factor and that it would be easy to tote one square around. It was fun to run into her again and I hope to see her again sometime.

So a good evening.

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