Sunday, March 29, 2009

Nice Weekend

I finished, as I said yesterday, my Nanners and today I started...well, I started two things. I started a new pair of socks. I know! What a surprise!

They are some simple toe-up socks that I started driving over to Lolly and Barbara's for lunch. Sat around after lunch and chatted and knit. I didn't have much with me in the way of patterns so I just made up this garter rib pattern. The yarn is Claudia's Handpainted and is lovely and smooshy. Sorry I don't remember the colorway but I wound the yarn up for socks some time ago. (Well, before our trip to Massachusetts.) (Edit: On looking at some of the Claudia colorways, I believe this is one called Stormy Days.) It's a lovely blend of pinky-beiges and bluey-grays and sandy brown and cream and buttery pale yellow.

But I am a little worried. I seem to be eating up yarn awfully fast. I am wondering if I really should use three skeins of yarn for a pair. If so, that would really be a pity because I've bought a fair amount of Claudia's and I've always just bought two skeins.

The second thing I started is the little Elijah elephant. I have to do that home because it is stuffed as you knit, and I don't want to haul stuffing back and forth. And no picture because right now it looks like a gray flannel yarmulke for a really boring little gnome.

And the wedding! Ah, the wedding was wonderful. Beautiful bride, handsome groom, a simple and lovely ceremony. Lots of nice people there and great food.

I don't want to post a picture of the happy couple without permission, but here's proof that, yes, there was indeed a wedding.

And here's a shot of the flower arrangements -- there was one of these on each table. The bride's sister did all of them. They were so pretty. They weren't all pink but they were all lovely.

You know, I'm not a party person. My neighbor and friend Maureen invites us every year to parties but, bless her heart, she understands that neither I nor Mr. Pointy Sticks are good at being sociable. But last night was just so much fun. E. worked so hard on this wedding and it really paid off. Everything was lovely. And we were all able to have fun. I hope E. and C. had as much fun as the guests did. Many happy years to them!

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