Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tuesday's Are The Best!

The Loopy Ewe The Black Sheep (yeesh! I can't believe I got this wrong! How embarrassing! Thanks, Maureen, for pointing this out.) is open until 7 until Tuesdays...I may, just possibly, have mentioned this before. Say, on last Tuesday, perhaps. Anyway, I went up there again this evening and had the best time! I love sitting around chatting with the great women there. And I got a good bit of knitting done....because...I may have started another pair of socks this afternoon.

This is a pattern called Nanner, a free pattern from Wendy Knits. There was no picture, just a chart, but I really like it now that I've gotten a couple of the repeats done. It reminds me a little of Potamus. And I love this yarn! The colors are really pretty and shift nicely. I like it.

I also picked up yarn for another project. I decided what I want to make for my office-mate's new baby boy...due in August. I'm going to make Elijah.

Actually, I'm going to make two Elijahs. I'm going to make one in the Baby Cashmerino shown here for the new baby, and one in grey Ella Rae Amity for the big brother. I just love this little pattern...what a cute little heffalump. I hope he's not too difficult to knit up. I like the fact that he's got no seaming.

What else...?

Oh, I never posted about this....

This is a Buttony hat kit from Old Maiden Aunt. I saw it and really liked it...but thought that at 15 pounds it would be about $30. And then I went to the Google converter and found out it was only about $20...and there was a free shipping offer! So now I have a Buttony Hat kit. And even Gizmo seems impressed. (Perhaps he just likes the smell of Scotland.)

Speaking of poor old Giz...see the little white-ish divot on his side...back by his hip?

Last night I was sitting here at the computer and rolled backwards without checking and somehow rolled over him...or near enough to him to pull out a big chunk of fur. He went bolting up the stairs and wouldn't come near me for quite some time. Poor guy.


Maureen said...

Loopy Ewe?
Black Sheep?

Maureen said...

Seeing the photo of Giz reminded me of a dream I had last night. ^__^
I was at your house caring for your kitties. I went to leave and both kitties were fighting to get out the front door. I was frantic because I didn't want to lose your kitties while you were out of town. But, Giz was determined and he squeezed by my legs and got out! Yikes! Now what do I do!? I said, "GIZMO! You get back in here! Now!" He turned around, looked at me, and trotted right back into the house. Whew! The weirdest thing about the whole dream was that I kept feeling like I'd been in this situation before. Hmmmmmmm.