Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I've been knitting like a fiend and here's Nanner Sock #1 as of yesterday evening.

I think I made this a leettle long in the foot. The toe starts with a fifteen stitch cast on and I think that's a little large, too. If I were to do it again, I think I might just start with 13 stitches. That doesn't seem like a lot but I think it might make the toe fit better. I like the pattern a lot. But it's rather twisty. I'm hoping it won't feel twisty on my foot.

And hey! Here it is this evening!

All done. And the second one is started!

Duncan is obviously very impressed.

Read a good book the other day. It's by Charlie Huston and is called The Mystic Art of Erasing All Signs of Death. It's a pretty vulgar book and pretty graphic, but also funny and, in an odd way, touching. The main character, Web, is a man who went through a pretty ghastly experience a year before the book opens and he's drifting. He drifts into working for a company who cleans up crime scenes...suicide scenes...all sorts of awful biohazard sort of scenes. And finally, he drifts into an attempted smuggling operation. And sometime during this drifting, Web starts to wake up and take charge of his life. It's rude and crass but also has some funny scenes. I can sort of see it as a Coen Brothers film. Anyway, if you're not too sensitive, give it a try. It's certainly a fast read.


Lisa said...

I sent a galley of that book to the young paramedic -- it looked like a good fit. No word on it yet but he's a busy man...

Erica said...

The sock looks great, and I'm impressed that Duncan did not make a snack of it during the photo shoot.

There's a new movie coming out about two sisters who open up a crime-scene cleaning business...I think it's supposed to be pretty decent.

Rooie said...

Hmm...if you're living it, perhaps you don't want to read about it so much.

And I've seen ads for that movie. Sunshine Cleaning, right? It doesn't look quite as gritty as this book...but might be fun to see.