Friday, April 3, 2009

Turn About Is Fair Play

Some time back I posted a picture of my grandfather in Pecos, TX. Well, here's a picture of my grandmother...Mildred Pearl Lauer with some of her homies. Mom (all of us grandchildren called her Mom) is the happy one, fourth from the left and fifth from the right. She looks like she'd be fun...she was a fun grandmother. (And very stylish...she wore slacks long before most women did.) I love her coat. But look at those hats! This picture was taken in Clovis, New Mexico in 1912. Mildred was obviously a popular name in the late 1800's....the young woman who is second from the left is also named Mildred.

On of these days I ought to scan in the photo of Mom as a teenager with other members of her basketball team.

And here's a picture of Mildred's (Mom's) parents. John Quinn Lauer was a doctor. Dora looks sort of sad here.

I was actually looking for a picture of me, my brother and my Dad. It wasn't in the box I found these in but it'll turn up sometime.


Kitt said...

Fun photos. I love the old ones with candid expressions, especially.

My grandmother was a Mildred. She went by "Nid."

Daniel said...

Definite family resemblance from Mildred to you and to Rax! Lovely photo.

Rooie said...

Interesting that you say that, Daniel. One of my cousins says that she thinks I look a lot like Mom.

ml said...

Mom is all over the place in that one grabbin' onto her pals--where's her left foot? You see that knit bag on her right, dangling behind her with a bauble hanging on down. I've got that. Somewhere. Never knew where it came from and its nice to know.

Yes, you certainly look like her there--thanks for posting the pictures.