Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Paging Martha G! Martha G, There's A Prize For You!

Martha, if you click on my profile, there's an email link...let me know your address and I'll get this pattern out to you just as fast as I can!

And hey! Look! Socks!!!

Well, one of them is not quiiiiiite done. I still have to weave in an end. But I wanted to get a picture before it got dark. (And colder. It is really chilly out there this evening!) But yay for a new pair of socks.

I also got a little box of yarn today...some nice Madelinetosh that was on sale at Woolgirl this weekend. I tried to take pictures of it, too, but it was too cold to spend lots of time and the pictures I got were I'll try again some day soon.

And Martha! Drop me a line!


Martha G said...

I sent you one. It must not have gone through. I'm going to write you at Ravelry!

Love the socks!

JessaLu said...

Lovely socks!

Rooie said...

Why, thank you! They feel delightful on one's feet, as well. A little shorter than I might like, but still eminently wearble.