Thursday, April 9, 2009

Life...As We Know It

I just finished re-watching (on-line tonight, on tv last night) the season finale of Life. Unfortunately, it may also be the series finale. This show, on NBC, is so good. I hope it'll be back. It's quirky without being cute, it's both dark and funny, it's wonderfully acted and beautifully photographed. Damian Lewis, who plays Charlie Crews, the main character, is an incredible actor...and it doesn't hurt that he's also fairly...hem It also has Adam Arkin, of whom I am also fond.

I have to say I was a late-comer to the show...started watching it in the middle of the first season, but man, I love it. Charlie is a police detective. Twelve years ago he was sentenced to prison for the murder of his best friend and his best friend's entire family. But then he is exonerated and released from prison with a $50 million dollar settlement from the state. One of the things that helped him survive in prison was Zen, so the show has these lovely little zen-like moments. And in the first two seasons, he is trying to figure out the conspiracy that got him put behind bars. This season that conspiracy was pretty much wrapped up but there are a few loose ends to keep us wanting more. I know, I know. It probably sounds stupid. But trust's a great show. I am thinking of writing an actual pen-and-ink letter to NBC to plead for its continued existence. I mean, pen-and-ink...that's gotta carry more weight that an email.

It's not high art...but it's better than most of the drek on tv. Rent or buy the first season...then the second, when it's out. See if you don't like it, too.


Erica said...

We LOVE Life, and I'm just as nervous as you about the possibility of it ending. Really, I think Jay Leno getting that 9pm slot is going to eviscerate all the dramas on NBC. We still hafe the finale on TiVo, and I'm afraid to watch, because once we do, it really will be over. Sigh.

Rooie said...

Oh, it was so, so good. You have to watch it. The ending is just superb.