Friday, April 24, 2009

Glorious Friday

We went out this evening to the Smith College Book Sale. I came home with a bag full of books but only four of them were for me. Most of them were Faulkner and Robertson Davies books for Rachel. I got a couple of mysteries.

I was supposed to bike tonight but just as I was about to get started my brother and S. showed up and visited a while. Guess I'll bike tomorrow.

The weather was nice enough that I opened the window in the computer room and the cats put up with each other long enough for me to get a nice picture.

And...oh yeah...I might have started another sock.

I needed something mindless to knit when I watched The Office last night. Besides, I just love starting these toe-up socks!

I haven't abandoned Sprucey Lucy, though. I did another repeat of the lace pattern today at lunch.

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