Monday, April 13, 2009

Quinn and Dora

(This is sort of like the new version of being forced to sit through someone's vacation slides, isn't it? Here...look at these pictures of my family!)

Anyway, you may remember the picture, a few posts back of Quinn Lauer and his wife, Dora. That would be my maternal grandmother's mother and father. Well, here they are in later years. Obviously having a good time. (So many of the pictures I have of my family they are laughing and smiling and just generally having a good time. Maybe that's par for the don't bring the camera out when folks are being ugly. ) I love the obvious affection between them, and I love the reaction of the woman in the background. Don't know when or where this one was taken, but it's sweet.

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Lisa said...

That is lovely. I love old family photos. Will our kids go through our flash drives and reminisce like this?