Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Class Of One?

A few months ago I signed up for a knitting class with Tracy. She was going to teach a class on Mason-Dixon's Perfect Sweater. I decided to take it as I figured I could use a nice basic sweater and I thought that being in a class might be the impetus I need to finish it up. And the pattern is a nice basic sweater with some shaping, so it doesn't just look like a box. And it offers several different hem and neck options.

So there I am at 10:30 this morning...the one and only pupil. No-one else had signed up for the class. Ordinarily I think Tracy would have canceled the class but she decided that, since we thought I wouldn't need my hand held during the whole process, she would be willing to have me come up to the store and she'd be available for the tricky parts. Like the picot hemmed edge, and the short-row shaped shoulders. And the finishing. So I sat down and cast on...and I was still there, 4 hours later. Some of the other women there ordered lunch from the Cafe down the street so I had a BLT (yum) and kept on knitting. I would have had more done except that I had a wee problem with the picot hem. But I'm on track now.

The sweater will be blue with the red lining the hems at waist, wrists and neck. Pretty jazzy, huh?

The pink stripey sock is coming along well.

I got the heel done. This is a heel construction different from any I've done and it doesn't seem to give the same right-angle sort of bend. I haven't yet tried the sock on, but I am eager to see how it fits. I may pull it on this evening. It is, thankfully, much cooler today.

Here's a close up of the heel...which probably won't be very informative, even to a knitter.

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