Thursday, July 2, 2009

What A Treat

I am treating myself to a five-day weekend this Fourth. I had put in for the Wednesday as part of the Perfect-Sweater-Nonclass, and we have Friday it was a no-brainer to take Thursday off as well.

Yesterday Mr. Pointy Sticks was off as well and we got Miss Volvo's emission's tested. (She passed.) Doesn't sound too exciting, but it meant a trip to Columbia and, thus, a short trip to Daedalus and lunch at the Vietnamese restaurant.

Today I took Rachel off to the doctor to get her tetanus shot. And we had lunch at Yamato (yum).

Then the fun part of the day started. I took her up to the pottery studio, where she stayed until sometime after 6 p.m.

She made a really nice bowl today and I'm sorry I didn't get a picture of her turning it. And hey, she wanted to get behind the wheel this summer!

While she was at the wheel, I spent a delightful afternoon at the Black Sheep. I took someone along to introduce him to all my buddies. May I present....


While I was there I got to help unload a carton of yarn...among which was a skein I could not resist.

Fannie's Fingering Weight in Old Roses. ('s a little blurry.)

And there were some bags on sale. I may have bought one....

Elijah approves!

This is a handmade bag, designed and made by one of the Black Sheep customers (who also happens to be a great knitwear designer...gorgeous stuff).

And the other day I got a box from the Loopy Ewe with some Dashing Dachs yarn (a new dyer to me)...

The one on the left is called Platypus (don't ask me why!) and the one on the right is Dandelion Chain. Purty.

More purty...

Our daylilies are blooming nicely.


Lisa said...

Oh, Elijah's so CUTE! Even in my middle age, even having surrounded myself with a number of warm and furry versions of the real thing, I'm still a sucker for stuffed animals.

Lisa said...

(Jeez... just noticed I mentioned being middle-aged in my comment on your last post. Think it's on my mind or anything?)

Rooie said...

You think Big Elijah's cute. I just started a second Elijah, this time in a finer yarn...I think he is going to be off-the-scale cute!