Monday, June 29, 2009

That Old Rachel 15

One July when Rachel was about two and a half, we finished dinner and, instead of getting down, she asked for paper. She had found a pen and started drawing. She colored on her paper for a bit and then started coloring on her knee. I asked her to stop and she said, with many gestures, "You can't see this (waving at her knee) because I am showing you my face (circling her hand around her head)! So you can't see what I am doing on my knee. You can only see my face!"

I told her I could see both her face and her knee and I didn't want her to color on herself. She thought for a minute.

"But I am decorating myself for Christmas!"

"Do you know when Christmas is?" I asked.

And she answered, "Um...this year I think. And maybe next year."

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