Wednesday, June 17, 2009

So...What Next?

The Cobbler socks are done.

They look a little washed out in this picture...they are much deeper in color. I was a little tiny bit disappointed in this skein of Madelinetosh. Toward the end of one sock and the beginning of the other (so I'm assuming the middle of the skein) there were several spots were the yarn was thicker and looked sort of felted rather than spun. The spots reminded me of the look of a spit splice. And then, in the cuff of the second sock there was a spot that I really had to cut was just too frazzy looking. (You can see the spot in the thick red stripe in the cuff of the top-most sock...where it sort of jogs.)

So now what? I mean, I need something simple and fun...more socks? A scarf? Argh. I just don't know.

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Daniel N said...

Very pretty - you're all set for the Fourth of July!