Thursday, June 18, 2009

Guess I Made Up My Mind!

I have about 3 inches of a new sock on the needles. Big surprise, right?

After I posted last night I sat and looked at my sock, I should say...I sat and looked at one pile of my sock yarn. I had some JoJoland Melody...already in two tidy useable balls so no winding necessary. But the colors, which are lovely, are muted enough that the yarn really should be used for something with some pattern and I wanted something mindless. So I nixed that...

Then there were some skeins (we won't say how many) of Claudia's Hand-painted. Lovely squooshy yarn, pretty colors. Two skeins so, while I would have to wind them, I wouldn't have to weigh and measure and make sure a large skein was evenly divided.

But my eye kept being drawn to my bag of Creatively Dyed skeins. Oh, such colors. Riots of color that would look great in a simple stockinette sock.

So that's what I chose. The skein I picked is made up of shades of green and ginger and brown and blue with dashes of yellow. It looks like a sun-dappled forest glade. Yum.

Pictures tonight if I get up the energy.

Oh...and I did some research this afternoon that disproves an old wives' tale. I recently read somewhere that if you wanted to know someone's shoe size, you could measure from the base of the thumb to the inner side of the elbow and the length would equal the foot's length. For some reason it came to my mind this morning and I thought...."Huh. Now wait a minute. I gained a shoe size when I was pregnant with Rachel. But my arm sure didn't grow another inch!" So I enlisted the help of my co-workers. J. and E. both measure 9 inches. But J.'s shoe size is 7 1/2 and E.'s is 7. My arm measures 9 and a half inches and I wear a size 10. Sorry, old wives! I think you blew this one.

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