Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Return Of The Camera

The camera is found and I have pictures for you...but Blogger is behaving very oddly. It's making this post be all in italics, which is strange, and it's not letting me load pictures.

First off, the apricot Malabrigo that was on sale. I got three skeins, math in head)....648 yards. There is one more skein up there. I'm hoping to find it in the $3 bin...I sort of regretted not snagging it, too. These three would make a yummy scarf with matching hat. With the fourth skein I'd math, this time with pencil)...864 yards...that might be shawl length.

And here's the Ondule pattern and a couple of balls of the Reynold's Whiskey. What you can't see here, I don't think, is that this red has a haze of...purple?...gray?....that really gives it some depth.

I've had a good weekend knitting-wise. Finished the first Cobbler sock and started the second one. Got most of Elijah's head done...down to the trunk. Put several inches on the back of my Perfect Sweater. Feels good to get moving on these things.

And tomorrow is work. Woe is me.

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