Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Let's Start A New Internet Craze!

So, last year, I think it was, there was an internet wide craze for no-rise bread. Let's see if we can't start a new craze.

I give great-grandmother's recipe for salt-rising bread. I love it that the recipe tells you what time of day to start it. And look! A use for one of your wool shawls! See how neatly this ties in with knitting!?

This is a letter written by my mom's grandfather's mother, Ada Crawford...probably not long after those pictures taken on the front porch of the farm, so 1949 or 1950 perhaps. If you click on it, it'll be legible. It's the best bread in the world! Well, according to my great-grandmother. And great grandmother's don't lie!

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Cara deBeer said...

Salt rising bread is actually on my list of Breads I Want To Try To Make. James beard has a recipe for it (will compare with your great-grandmother's) but I have always been scared since he says that sometimes it just doesn't work.