Saturday, June 6, 2009

I Made It

(Somehow, somewhere, I have mislaid my camera so this post is going to be, I'm afraid, a trifle boring. I would suggest that you close your eyes to imagine the yarn I'm about to describe, but then you couldn't read the blog, so that would be sort of self-defeating.)

Anyway, I made it to The Black Sheep's sale today...the last day. I picked up some yummy apricot Malabrigo that was on sale. Soft and pretty.

The big purchase (well, not that bad...I had the 20 percent off coupon) was some Reynold's Whiskey in a gorgeous, rich red. And with this yarn I am planning to make Anne Hanson's gorgeous cardigan, Ondule (please close your eyes and imagine an accent acute over the e there). I can't wait. Of course, I really should finish my Perfect Sweater first. Perhaps I can tempt myself by saying, "If you work on Perfect for half an hour, then you can work on Ondule."

Wish you could see this red's yummy.

Guess I'd better find my camera....

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JessaLu said...

Can't wait to see it! ;o)