Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Oh, Hi!

Sorry. It's been a while. No special reason, just...nothing much to say.

I have, however, found an old suitcase full of letters that my Mom saved...including a stack of letters full of funny Rachel stories. So, fair warning. The "That Old Rachel" series will be restarting.


ml said...

Bring 'em on--I'm ready. What a legacy that particular poor cheep-chick will have of maudlin (speaking for myself) daughterdom....

Was looking tonight at the funny photos of my parents' wedding--your Mom looking like such a glamour puss. Well, fun behind and fun ahead...Thanksgiving is only five months away!!

Love to everybody there.

lewarkk said...

Whatcha reading? Kat wants to know!

Rooie said...

Kat, right now I'm reading Jo Nesbo's The Redbreast. Not bad. And I read C. J. Sansom's Sovereign which was good, too, though not as gripping as the Ariana Franklin books. Oh, and I've been reading Starvation Lake for quite some time now. You know, the kind of "reading" where the bookmark doesn't move very often. So I can't say that one's thrilling.

Do you have all of these? I'd be happy to send any of them on to you.